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Unhappy employees are costing you more than just money

Mental health issues among employees have significant consequences for your company, impacting productivity and team dynamics.

The fear of being judged could prevent your employees from openly discussing their mental health struggles. 

When stress, overwhelm and anxiety are left unmanaged it can lead to burnout.

Feel drained from it all

Hi I'm Dawn

I know how this feels, but I also know how things can change for the better.

With my corporate experience and over 20 years of dedicated well-being learning, I’m here to support your employees in conquering their stress and developing a healthy, positive mindset.

Dawn Barnes About Me

Here's How We Can Work Together


Dawn Barnes Wellbeing Laptop
Online Programs

Self-led, at your employees’ own pace, wellbeing programs.


Group wellbeing workshops
Group Workshops

Engaging wellbeing sessions for your team or department.


Personal Coaching
Keynote Speaker

Motivational and inspiring keynotes for your kick-offs, and company events.

3 Easy Steps To Begin Your Company Wellbeing Journey

step 1

Identify and Assess

Book a discovery call to chat about your company’s unique needs, challenges and desired goals when it comes to employee wellbeing at your organisation.

step 2

Wellbeing Programs Customised Program

We’ll then tailor the “Wellbeing at work essentials” program to address your specific employee needs and drive positive change within your organisation.

step 3

Deliver and Empower

We will engage with your teams through interactive group workshops and provide ongoing support, empowering them to prioritise their wellbeing and thrive in both work and life.

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Areas Covered:

Global online wellbeing programs available.

Also, in-person events in the South East of England: Berkshire, Thames Valley, Surrey, Hampshire and areas in and around London.

Please contact for travel to other areas. 

Instant Stress-Buster


Press play and feel more calm and grounded as you simply listen along to this relaxing 5 minute guided meditation.