About Dawn Barnes

Hi! I'm Dawn

Trusted Wellbeing Educator and Coach

I am a passionate advocate of wellbeing and your personal guide to help you feel better and develop lasting happiness habits.

Hitting rock bottom taught me lessons that succeeding to the mountain top never did.

I’ve always been ambitious, determined and driven.

From the outside, it might’ve seemed, I was a successful career woman.

I was riding the waves and climbing the corporate ladder, yet inside, it was a different story.

Work was taking over my life and wearing my business facade was physically exhausting and mentally draining.

Years of not looking after myself properly were catching up with me and I crashed and burned with severe work stress and career burnout.

But hitting rock bottom taught me lessons that succeeding to the mountain top never did.

Feeling mentally drained

It knocked me sideways, crushed my very essence and I came tumbling down into a very dark place.

I began to recharge, reset and gain a healthier perspective on work and my life. I did this, not with quick-fix anti-depressants, but by using natural physical and mental wellbeing methods.

I began to feel better. I felt calmer, less overwhelmed and more in control. 

I was fascinated (and still am!) of the power of your mindset and thoughts and how they have a huge influence in how you approach and respond to things.

I learnt, studied and practiced the most incredible mindfulness, meditation and relaxation techniques that can literally turn someone’s life around.

So, it’s not about living a life without stress and difficulties, because there will always be ups and downs to contend with. It’s about how to manage them in a helpful and healthy way.

Going from existing day-to-day to feeling excited and exhilarated about life.

Because, if you don’t change anything how can you expect things to change?

This is where I can really help you.

I encourage you to get started on your wellbeing journey.

Here Are Some Fun Facts About Me!


Fun Fact 2 Dawn Barnes

I love getting up super early before anyone else in the house wakes up.

I am my namesake!


Fun Fact 3 Dawn Barnes

I’m getting used to being a pet parent as we welcomed a beagle pup into our home. 

New dog owner tips welcome!


Fun Fact 1 Dawn Barnes

My absolute passion is travelling and I enjoyed a solo trip around the world back in my 20s.

Those were the days!


SMART@ Relaxation, Meditation And Mindfulness Accredited Coach Level 3

Mindful Resilience And Wellbeing At Work with Smart Foundations

Life Coaching Diploma [New Skills Academy]

Mindfulness Diploma [New Skills Academy]

REIKI I [Carole Easton, Reiki Master, Lynden Hill Clinic]

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