Defined By Your CV and Job Title, Is This You?

Defined By Your CV and Job Title, Is This You?

I was once defined by my CV.

Pigeon-holed by my Job Title.

Recruitment agencies defined me that way, people who knew me defined me that way and so did I.  My work was essentially who I was.

My working life neatly portrayed via my CV.  I bet yours is similar. 

I was extremely proud of my achievements and my CV stood me well in securing interviews which led to key job positions in my field.  

Yet my CV only represented a part of me.  My working part which if truth be known has always been a HUGE part of my life. 

I had to be reminded that work is what you do, it doesn’t define ALL of who you are. 

I want to remind you too.  It’s important to your overall happiness.

Are you a slave to your CV? 

This is your life and your work does not define your whole life story.

If you’ve ever thought or done the following then it’s time to rethink:-

  • How will my career or maternity break look to potential employers
  • How will my LinkedIn profile be viewed
  • Having too many job changes or
  • Too little job changes or
  • Too many gaps or
  • Feeling too old or
  • Having too much experience or
  • Not enough of the right experience.

Take away your Job Title and who are you? 

Yes, you’re a mother and what else?

Who are you really? Strip away who you are at work and ask yourself who you are at your core?

Not who you are for your partner, your parents, your BF or your child. Who you are for you?

Wouldn’t it be liberating to just be yourself all through your day, every single day.

If you’re making fundamental life decisions based on how your CV will stack up against other job applicants in the interview process, then I urge you to take some time to rediscover what you really love doing and what you’re naturally gifted at. By doing so, it opens up an unlimited box of opportunities – if you choose to accept them!

How do you want your life to look and be like?

Don’t let your CV and Job Title define you and your life.

Would you like some help to get you started?  Book yourself in for a complimentary 30 minute clarity callwith me.

It might just be the help you need to guide you on a different and exciting path…

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