Corporate Wellbeing Coach in Berkshire

Corporate Wellbeing.

I’m Dawn Barnes a Corporate Wellbeing Coach in Bracknell, Berkshire.

Are you looking for help with your Corporate Wellbeing Strategy?

Are you looking to improve staff wellbeing in your workplace?

This is where I can help.   I provide expert advice, guidance and support for companies wanting to implement an effective employee wellbeing strategy for their organisation.

Reduce The Cost Of Workplace Stress In Your Organisation.

I have worked in corporate organisations as a senior leader and understand the impact, cost and disruption work stress and poor mental health causes. 

And on the other side, I’ve personally suffered with work-related stress and career burnout.  Experiencing how debilitating stress is and how it seeps into every area of your life.

I bring these experiences and my learnings to my wellness events.  Using powerful mindset and wellbeing techniques to utilise the power of our mind and thought which is incredible. It can work with you or against you!

If you empower people on how to use these tools they can make real positive changes for their own wellbeing.

I offer a variety of corporate wellbeing initiatives from online and in person events to keynote presentations and customised corporate wellbeing strategies.

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My Services Offered

  • Online Courses
  • Wellbeing Workshops
  • Corporate Wellbeing Strategy
  • Wellbeing Days
  • Virtual Wellbeing Webinars
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