How to destress after a busy day at work

How To Destress After A Busy Day At Work

7 ways to destress after work

How to destress after a busy day at work
Sometimes this is easier said than done.
But when you have busy day after busy day, it’s just so important to destress after work to help you unwind and recharge for the next day.
Here are 7 ways to destress after work:
  1. Move your body: exercise is a great way to reduce stress and boost your mood. Go for a walk, take a yoga or pilates class or hit the gym.
  2. Practice mindfulness: to help calm your mind and reduce stress find a quiet space and take a few minutes to focus on your breath. That’s all.
  3. Go outdoors: especially good if you’ve been stuck in an office all day. Spending time in nature helps you relax and reduce stress. Maybe a walk in the park, gardening or just sitting outside with a cuppa or book to read.
  4. Do something you love: engage in a hobby that you really enjoy to help you relax and shift your focus away from work. What is it that YOU love to do?
  5. Connection: Call a loved one. As well as uplifting them, this can also help you feel supported and connected, which in turn can reduce stress and improve your mood.
  6. Unplug from tech: This is a biggie – avoid checking work emails or social media after work or at the very least set some time boundaries on this.
  7. Cook a nutritious meal from scratch: it’s so easy to reach for the snacks and grab and go food but cooking a healthy meal with help distract you from your work day and you eat something healthy – double whammy!
Find what works best for you when it comes to destressing after work.
Just remember to do it!
It really helps you regain that sense of happy work/life balance too.

Relax after a busy day at work

For an easy-to-do relaxation after work:

1. Get yourself comfy.

2. Turn your phone on do not disturb.

3. Press play on this gentle and calming 5 minute audio ⬇️ 

Access it here.

"Work has been exceptionally busy and I really want you to know how much I appreciate your mediation, that I listen to every single morning, 7 days a week. I truly know it helped me focus especially the last few months, so a huge thank you to you.”

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