The True Cost Of Poor Mental Health At Work Goes Far Beyond The Financials

The rising threat of work stress, retention, engagement and productivity is impacting your bottom line and more.

The Implications of Poor Mental Health Issues

Benefits of Workplace Wellbeing

Here’s How I Can Help

1. Wellbeing at Work Essentials

A roadmap for your employees to feel happy and healthy at work (and beyond!)

The Wellbeing at Work Essentials is an engaging and practical group wellbeing program for your team or department. 

The program is delivered as a suite of wellbeing sessions or as ad-hoc sessions. It dives into the fundamental areas of wellbeing in the workplace to help your staff adopt lasting healthy wellbeing habits.

Wellbeing sessions include practical exercises and take-aways to address various mental health and wellbeing issues.


2. Onboarding

Make wellbeing a top priority for your new starters by providing self-led online wellbeing essentials training as part of your onboarding process.

This allows your employees to learn at their own pace, equipping them with the tools they need to manage their wellbeing at work effectively right from day one.

Personal Coaching

3. Employee Coaching

Private coaching sessions for employees who need a little more individual help and support.

My coaching package empowers individuals to be accountable to themselves, whilst supporting them to make positive changes that are more difficult to achieve on their own.

4. Wellbeing Days

Create real impact and inspire your staff to make positive changes to their mental health and wellbeing by hosting an employee wellbeing day or focused week. 

Designed to meet your specific organisational needs and budget, wellbeing days may include:

  • Wellbeing Trainings
  • Health MOTs
  • Yoga or Pilates sessions
  • Healthy Nutrition
  • Mini Massages
Wellbeing Day

3 Easy Steps To A Healthy And Happy Workplace

step 1

Send Your Enquiry

Click on the green button below and send in your specific company wellbeing needs.

step 2

Customised Plan

After identifying your specific needs, a customised wellbeing program will be created for your organisation or team.

step 3

Implement Program

Delivery of your wellbeing program together with internal communications support, employee surveys and analysis for review and improvement.

“A healthy workforce is a happier, more productive workforce.”

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