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Help Me Help You

Create more happiness and improve mental wellbeing in your workplace

I am currently developing an exciting new corporate wellbeing program and I need your help!

I want to make this the best possible program out there, which is why I want to do some market research. I’m looking to speak with 10:-

  • HR leaders
  • Wellbeing champions
  • Senior managers


Leaders who are ready to implement best-in-class wellbeing offerings for their organisation in 2024.

Is this you? (or someone you know…)

✅  You’re genuinely passionate about making a difference in improving your colleagues’ mental health and wellbeing and know that people managers, in particular, need more help and support with this too.

✅  You’re the wellbeing lead or MHFA for your department/company and although you have that training under your belt, you secretly feel you need more support to make any real impact in this role.

✅  While you know you can’t achieve this alone, you feel some of the existing wellbeing interventions at your company are not as effective as you know they can be and employees simply are not making the most of them anyway!


✅  Your company STILL hasn’t put their money where their mouth is and wellbeing is being dropped down the agenda and it’s making you soooo frustrated that your hands are tied.

✅  You can see a worrying increase in the number of mental health sick days being taken and you know the cost and burden of this is negatively impacting your organisation and things need to change. Nothing changes if nothing changes.

✅  You’re ready to shake things up and propose a new and exciting way to do things differently but you’re unsure of where to start and how to secure the budget.

✅  You’d like to do more but you’re already maxed out with your day job and other projects are taking priority.

If you found yourself saying “YES” to ANY of these, I’d love to chat with you!

How it works

20 minutes over Zoom where I’ll ask you some Qs to get your insight and perspective. That’s it!

This is completely PITCH-FREE, I simply want to do some market research.

As a THANK YOU for your time, I’d love to gift you with one of these:-

1. A complimentary 20-minute wellbeing audit tailored specifically for your company to help you in your role.


2. A free 20-minute individual wellbeing session to pinpoint exactly what you need to focus on to bring balance to yourself.

If you think you’re a great fit for this call – simply message me via my online contact form or if it’s easier just comment below. 

Can’t wait to chat with you!

If you’re ready to book your slot now you can do so here. 

Please feel free to share this with your network!

Dawn Barnes

Dawn Barnes

I support companies and individuals with my wellbeing programs to help manage stress and improve mental wellbeing in a healthy positive way.

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