How to deal with overthinking

How many times has your mind got into gear and stopped yourself in your tracks? Hesitate and doubt sets in as your overthinking mind goes into overdrive.  Hello self-sabotage.

So, how can you deal with overthinking?

Here are 4 ways to kick the habit…

1. Chunk it down

Confucius says “The man who moves mountains begins with carrying small stones” so strive for regular baby steps as opposed to huge daily tasks and you’ll find your overthinking muscle gets weaker.

2. Get cool with failing forward

Often we stop ourselves because of the risk of failure. Yet making mistakes are our greatest lessons, so if we prevent this experience we prolong our path to success.

3. Bust out overthinking

When you start to play out all the negative scenarios of what could happen, acknowledge this, be kind to yourself, pack away your crystal ball and switch your thoughts to action and just make it happen.

4. Congratulate yourself for inspired action

Hi-5 yourself for actually DOING something. Making a decision.  Moving yourself forward towards your goal.  As soon as you feel yourself going over and over your decision switch off and look at the positive.

Now, without overthinking this, what is the one thing in your life that you’d love to achieve one year from now?  

Declare it to the world!  Or just me ? Comment below and let me know.

And remember small steps towards your life goal, quit overthinking, make a decision and just go for it! You’ve got this.

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Dawn Barnes

I support companies and individuals with my wellbeing programs to help manage stress and improve mental wellbeing in a healthy positive way.

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