How to get more energy as a busy working Mum

As a Mum would you love to have more energy?


Some days do you wake up and can’t wait for it to be bedtime again!

How do you get MORE ENERGY into your life as a busy working Mum?

I’m not going to talk about diet or supplements or going to bed earlier although all that stuff is good and there’s lots of fantastic information out there such as Liz Earle’s wellbeing website but here’s a thought…

It takes me back to a time when my sister lent me her tapes (yes cassette tapes!) on stress management by the late great Roger Mellott. He talked about his pie theory – which is all about energy.

Here’s my take on it….

When you’re feeling mega stressed, overwhelmed with the amount of stuff you have going on at work, at home and just feeling EXHAUSTED by it all and then you start beating yourself up about it.  You have this negative self-chatter going on and you’re not talking to yourself in a very nice way! What you perhaps don’t stop to consider is how much energy it takes when you’re beating yourself up about it!

“Just eliminating THAT helps enormously with your energy levels.”

So here’s the theory:

Everyday when you wake up and you have another chance at this game of life. We all get this pie. You get a pie for the day. It’s your “energy pie” to use throughout the day.

“Now the thing is, your energy pie can be different sizes each day.”

Some days, it’s a huge energy pie and you feel full of vitality and you’re on fire, whizzing through your to-do list, on it and getting things done. LOVE those days!

And other days your energy pie is so small just getting up, having a shower and getting dressed seems to take up all of your energy.

“The good news is…”

…you can get wise on how you spend your energy pie and be mindful not to waste your energy on things that are out of your control or are just not worth it. Having an understanding that these things will eat away at your precious daily energy is really helpful.

“Even better news!”

You can replenish your pie throughout the day!


You can rest of course (that’s not always possible on really busy manic days).

Eat healthily.

And you can do other things that “feed” you.

Not just the right kind of foods but “feed your soul” and…

“do things that make you feel happy and be excited about life.”

  • What are the things that make you feel happy?
  • Where makes you happy?
  • Who makes you happy?
  • When was the last time you saw or spoke to that friend that just gets you and makes you laugh and smile?

Do the things that give you joy, if not daily then regularly to replenish that precious energy pie of yours.

If you’ve forgotten what are the things you truly LOVE to do then start by clearing you mind and writing a list of your “Top Ten Things That Make Me Happy.”

Keep your ‘Happy List’ close to you and make them a part of your life.

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