Life Coaching

What is Life Coaching and why would someone need it?

What is Life Coaching?

Why would someone need a Life Coach?

Life Coaching? Why would I need a coach about MY life?

I used to think no-one can know what’s best for me.

What would they know about me that I don’t!!!

But I do know the feeling of being stuck and feeling stale.

I now believe that we all need a good Life Coach at certain times along the way.

Sometimes in life, you can feel really confident of what you’re doing or the direction you’re taking and you’re flying and life is good.

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What is Life Coaching?

Then there’s those other times.

Those times when you question the path you’re on or you feel stuck in a rut and unsure what to do about it.  Or perhaps you’ve got this BIG life goal you want to achieve and you’re just not moving forward with it and you can’t fathom out why.

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