My Secrets on How to Manifest your Dreams

Discover my secrets on how to manifest your dreams into your life.

Manifest your Dreams

Have you tried it?  Did it work?

Sometimes.  All the time.  Never.

Manifest your dreams into your life. Would you like to know my secrets?

Well, let me share with you what happened to me when I managed to manifest my dream from thin air into reality.

It all started with my real belief that anything is possible.

Firstly, anything is possible if you think it is.

Secondly, anything is impossible if you think it is.

Read that again.

As Henry Ford famously quoted:

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t – you’re right.”

So, my secret number 1 to manifest your dreams is to believe without any doubt that it’s possible to do so. 



At the time, I hadn’t long been in business and I decided one good way to get myself out there was to speak at an event. I remembered the Mind Body Spirit Wellbeing Festival that I used to LOVE to attend with my cousin and decided this was the perfect fit.

I hadn’t done any public speaking for years and I was very much a newbie in the industry. My dreams could’ve easily been shut down at the get go but deep down I believed it was worth a shot.


Who the hell was I to apply anyway and I wouldn’t be good enough I thought… but if I didn’t try I’d never know.

So, my secret number 2 is you gotta take action.  When a desire, a wish, a dream fills your mind take inspired action and go for it!

So I made my application and waited for news.


I began to imagine myself up on stage presenting with passion! Everything from the audience, the room set-up, down to what colour dress I was wearing, I visualised it all in my mind’s eye.

In addition, I practiced my introduction over and over again. It was if I was there and it was all happening.


I also indulged myself into experiencing the feelings that I would feel when I was in flow and speaking on stage to an attentive audience.  It felt wonderful!

The event organisers receive 250 applications PER DAY from people wanting to speak at their events.  Most are from published authors and successful business people with thousands of followers on social media.  To an outsider it might seem daft to even apply let alone waste time on pretending it was a done deal.

And then there it was.

My application had been successful.

I was one of this prestigious event’s wellbeing speakers.

To say I was over the moon was an understatement! That news was one of my happiest days of the year.  In other words, I had truly manifested my dream into reality.

You can do so too.

Have you ever manifested something into your life?  I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to hear about your story.

Please share away in the comments below.

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I support companies and individuals with my wellbeing programs to help manage stress and improve mental wellbeing in a healthy positive way.

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