Parenting provokes judgement

Parenting provokes judgement

Parenting provokes judgement

The role of parenting provokes many views and opinions.

Feeling silently judged ourselves by the way we do things for our children.  If we’re honest, having our own view over how others parent their own kids too.

A wise moment from a dear Mummy friend this week made me stop and think.  She said,

“Don’t be brought down by others’ views on what THEY are doing for their own children in a way that questions your own way of doing things.  Always, always trust your instinct because you do truly know what’s best for your own children.”

I often doubt myself as a good mother but deep down I know I’m learning on the job and doing my best. And that’s okay with me.

From now on, when I get that niggle of parenting doubt, I’m going to switch back to my internal guide, coz you know what? We’re all doing a pretty damn good job!

Have you ever experienced feeling judged on your parenting?  Do you have a story to share with us Mums?

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