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Returning to work worries?


If you’re returning to work or starting a new project and self-doubt is setting in….you’re not alone.

For many of us, going back to work after maternity leave or taking a long career break can feel daunting.  Whether you are going to back to a job you’ve done before or starting a brand new venture or even doing a volunteering role it can feel make you feel worried and nervous.  If it’s something you’ve not done before or you’re feeling a bit rusty then let me share this with you… Watch today’s video to help you dissolve those returning to work worries.

CLICK HERE to watch the video (3 minutes).

BIG Love!

Dawn Barnes

Corporate Wellness and Life Coach

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Dawn helps companies by reducing their cost of workplace stress with her corporate wellbeing programs.  She also specifically helps working mothers manage their overwhelm and regain their feeling of fulfilment with her personal life coaching.

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Dawn Barnes

I support companies and individuals with my wellbeing programs to help manage stress and improve mental wellbeing in a healthy positive way.

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