Instant stress buster meditation

Instant stress buster

Stress relief in an instant

Do you find yourself feeling stressed out, too often, with life’s many demands and pressures?

Too much going on to even work out a way to feel more peace of mind and in control.

So you just keep on going.

It certainly used to feel that way for me. Especially because when I did finally find the time to sit down and get still, I either felt guilty for doing so or couldn’t switch off my racing mind.

Can you relate?

If the answer is yes, I want you to know that eventually, I did find a way. I’m so glad I did!

I found with a simple regular meditation practice it made some real noticeable positive differences in my life. I went from being a total stress head to knowing how to calm down my mental chatter in the moment.

I’d love the same for you.

Here's something to help

Instant stress buster 5 minute meditation
Free guided meditation audio

I’ve created something that makes it easy to just follow along to and that you can do in just 5 minutes a day.

If you’re craving more calm, joy and focus even when the world around you feels really chaotic then this 5 Minute Guided Meditation was made for you!

I’ve designed it to listen to first thing in the morning, to start your day off well, but really, anytime that suits you is a good time.

Get it right here and get started today >>>

I hope you press play on this meditation and discover how easy it can be to switch off, get some stress relief and reset your nervous system.

Because of the universal benefits of having a meditation practice for ALL who practice, I want to invite you to share this audio with anyone you think might benefit.

Simply forward this journal post.  Or, share the link below with your friends, family and colleagues and spread the calm and happy vibes.

Here’s the link again to get instant access to my 5 Minute Guided Meditation.

Wishing you a calm and happy day!

If you’d like further help and support with ways to better manage your stress contact me here.



Dawn Barnes

Dawn Barnes

I support companies and individuals with my wellbeing programs to help manage stress and improve mental wellbeing in a healthy positive way.

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