Stress tip for social situations

Stress tip for social situations

Stress tip for social situations

One of the things that can feel really uncomfortable and quite stressful is when you’re trying to be someone you’re not in social situations.
Acting and being like someone you’re not – is exhausting.
Why do we do this?
‣ Is it coz you wanna fit in?
‣ You want to be liked?
‣ You want other people’s approval?
‣ Maybe a bit of all those things…
This was brought home to me recently when my two boys were having some friendship problems.
One of them was trying to fit in and feel part of the gang and be included.
The other was worrying and working out why the pretty popular girl doesn’t fancy him.
✦ Friendship problem #1
Acting and being like someone else to fit in, takes you away from who you are. It’s exhausting.
And in his case wasn’t even working!
He’s not part of the group.
Be yourself and embrace and be kind to who are and then it kinda shines a little light to help those people that ARE like you and do wanna hang out with you…find you.
✦ Friendship problem #2
Why doesn’t she like me?
What do I need to do or say to make her like me?
You can get really fixated on this and spend so much energy worrying how to work this out and be the person, that you think, will do the trick for them to like you.
And you forget to turn around and see all those people who like you – just as you are.
The thing is, not every single person is gonna like you or fancy you. It’s really OK. Whatever you do they are never gonna like you.
So just accept. It’s just a part of life.
Focus on and enjoy those friends that think you’re cool just as you are.
You might well have experienced a bit or a lot of this when you were younger so now as an adult remember to be who you are.
When you do you, it will feel less stressful and you’ll have more peace of mind. It takes practice coz it’s learning a skill.
Be yourself.

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