Using the art of journalling to kiss goodbye to overwhelming feelings

Using the art of journalling to kiss goodbye to overwhelming feelings

I learnt the art of journalling by accident.

I was feeling so overwhelmed with stuff.  As a result of…

  • Firstly, too much going on in my head.
  • Secondly, too many emotions. 
  • And, thirdly, too little time.

Sighing as I sat down, I reached out for my fave writing pen (yes I have one) and literally dumped all my thoughts onto paper.

As I did this, my emotions settled and I gained some clarity and as if by magic an exciting plan took shape.  Ideas seemed to spring from nowhere and land on the page where I was furiously writing it all down. 

You see, I felt I was too busy to write things down but boy did it help me that day.

It was more than just a 5 minute break. It helped clear my mind and kissed goodbye to my overwhelm.

So now I’m addicted to it and have notebooks and journals (I’m such a fan of Pashion Planners) for different areas of my life. I’m not kidding!

Discover the art of journalling and how it really can calm you

Such a simple yet powerful way to get productive and deal with the daily deluge. 

Plus as a bonus you’ll harness your creativity too. Art of journallingAnd the more you do it the better at it you’ll get.

I still love my smartphone but I’ll always be an old-fashioned pen to paper gal.

It’s a habit I encourage with my clients and even the reluctant ones give it a go and feel the benefits – they happily tell me.

If you’re struggling to get going, start by reflecting on your past month. Turn off any distractions, sit down and have a good think what’s happened in the last few weeks. 

✨ What made you proud?

✨ Who or what were you most grateful for?

✨ The biggest lesson and what did you learn from this?

✨ Your overall feeling for this month?

✨ What will you do differently next month? 

Use my FREE Monthly Review to guide you with some key questions to ask yourself. 

Time flies so it’s good to check in on yourself once in a while. Have a go and let me know how you get on.  I’d love to know!

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