Wellbeing at Work Essentials

A roadmap for your employees to feel happy and healthy at work (and beyond!)

By using this program, you can offer an effective way to help your employees feel more engaged, happy and healthy at work.

This, in turn, increases awareness of important wellbeing challenges, leading to improved staff morale, communication and performance.

One-off or a series
Add a session to your wellbeing event or company kick-off or provide a series of wellbeing sessions for your organisation.
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This session helps employees identify and manage work-related stress. They will learn to recognise the signs of stress in themselves and colleagues, identify their unique stress triggers and use effective techniques to better manage their stress.
In this important wellbeing session, managers and team leaders are provided with essential tools to recognise, support and promote healthy wellbeing and mental health among their teams.
This session explores the concept of personal resilience and its significance. Your employees will learn about the three secrets of resilient people and the four main pillars of resilience.
A highly practical session looking at what makes life feel unbalanced and how to remedy this in order to live and work in a more harmonious way.
This session introduces mindfulness and its proven benefits. Your employees will learn effective exercises that can be practised anywhere, at any time.
An informative session discussing fixed and growth mindsets, rewiring the brain and helpful thinking strategies, as well as, exploring values, beliefs and attitudes.
This session focuses on the causes, types and effective ways to overcome imposter syndrome, which is common among employees of all levels and seniority.
Rest and relaxation are vitally important in our "always on" culture. This workshop explores their impact on the brain and offers tips for making self-care a daily healthy habit.
An insightful session on identifying unhelpful thinking patterns and coping mechanisms to manage anxious thoughts.
A highly practical workshop to help your employees prioritise their mental health. During this session, your teams will create their own physical and mental wellbeing toolkits they can access even with a demanding schedule.
This session empowers your employees to overcome self-doubt and build self-confidence, leading to increased happiness and productivity at work and beyond.
As a follow-up to our "Mindfulness at work" session, this workshop delves deeper into mindfulness and introduces practical meditation exercises for your employees to benefit from.

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“A healthy workforce is a happier and more productive workforce.”

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Delivery of your wellbeing program together with internal communications support, employee surveys and analysis for review and improvement.

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