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Skout PR transforms work environment with integrated wellbeing training

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The company

Skout PR is a bright and ambitious B2B PR company dedicated to helping their clients build exceptional business relationships. Their unique campaigns use the power of storytelling to engage audiences across all B2B marketing channels, boosting brand profile, improving marketing performance, and driving growth.

While still a relatively young company, Skout already boasts some prestigious accolades in the industry. It’s also 100% employee owned, allowing its team to have a meaningful and significant stake in the business.


  • Stress and potential burnout amongst employees
  • Increased anxiety due to being isolated during the pandemic
  • Decreased sense of community
  • Determined to help staff but struggling to keep up with one on one support

The problem

When Skout PR noticed the increase in anxiety, overwhelm and stress among their team during the pandemic, they wanted to provide support. 

“The wellbeing of our people has always been essential to us”, says Alex Gladwin, Skout’s operations manager. “We had individuals with pockets of challenges, and we were trying to address each issue on a case by case basis. It was during Covid, everyone was isolated, and we were very aware of the increasing worry and stress at the time.”

The company tried directing their employees to sources that were helpful – webinars, online sessions, counselling. “It was all just too impersonal, and people still felt alone with their problems”, adds Alex.

Alex Gladwin
Alex Gladwin, operations manager

The solution process

Skout wanted a solution that made an impact on a company level, something that would benefit the whole team. Their primary goal was to alleviate stress and overwhelm, and help their employees feel more balanced and happy at work. As the cause of stress is different for everyone, they realised they needed an expert to look at their particular situation and devise a plan.

Skout says:

“We never had any reservations about Dawn, she was so personable from the beginning, and the team really took to her instantly. She just got us. One of the reasons we decided to work with her is that she’s been in our industry, she’s experienced the environment we’re living in, the burnout, the stress. She’s lived it, so she could relate.”

Skout started working with Dawn Barnes in the spring of 2022, and with her help they introduced a customised wellbeing programme that brought the team together for monthly sessions.

During these sessions, the team was taught useful wellbeing, mindfulness, and relaxation techniques to recognise and cope with stress, anxiety, and feeling overwhelmed. Topics included building resilience, mindset, understanding stress, self-confidence, imposter syndrome, and more.

The results

The overwhelmingly positive response from the team prompted Skout to continue with the programme, constantly evolving the sessions according to what people needed.

“We keep going back and asking everyone how they feel, what they want to dive deeper into. This is what created the biggest shift. Everyone shows up, everyone has a voice, and they really engage with these sessions.”

The training provided a safe space for Skout employees to openly share their struggles and support one another. It addressed personal, mental wellbeing within a team environment, making it possible for participants to relate to one another and learn from the shared experiences at the same time.

The future

One year on, the wellbeing programme is a staple part of Skout’s culture, and their team is as strong and united as ever.

“The most obvious change is the openness in the team, and that comes from the environment Dawn helped us create, where we sit together and talk about things that can be a bit personal. It helped that our directors have been part of these meetings, it showed our younger staff that it’s normal to experience difficulties, nobody is immune. It brought us all closer together.”

The company is proof that workplaces thrive when they adapt to the changing needs of their staff. Since the pandemic, there’s been an 81% increase in mental health awareness in workplaces around England, but most companies still take a reactive approach.

Skout’s decision to be proactive about the wellbeing of their staff proved to be the winning recipe for lasting change.

Skout says...

“Every single member of our team complimented our business on the approach we took and having Dawn guide us through it all. I would have no hesitation recommending Dawn to anyone looking for support.”
Alex Gladwin
Alex Gladwin
Operations manager
“Dawn’s approach was both serious and light-hearted. She completely understands the issues that come with the corporate environment.”
Claire James
Claire James
Client services director
“The tailored programme was incredibly well-structured, insightful and provided plenty of opportunities for inward reflection to develop my own mental wellbeing further.”
James Weaver
James Weaver
Accounts executive

For more information on customised corporate wellbeing training for your organisation, please contact the team here.


Client: Skout PR

Industry: B2B marketing

Service used: Dawn Barnes wellbeing training

Copywriter: The Copy Cabana

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