Work With Me

Working together

For your organisation. For you.

I offer a personal, individual and customised service for companies looking to implement or improve their employee wellbeing plan.


I also offer help and support to individuals who want to take ownership of their own mental health and wellbeing.

How I Can Help

You see, I’m so passionate about helping people improve their overall wellbeing and supporting companies to reduce their cost of workplace stress


I made my career out of it.

Corporate Insight

It’s not just about pouring out employee wellbeing campaigns, it’s about delivering insight and tools that make a real positive difference.

I’ve worked in various corporate organisations, many as a senior leader, and know full well the impact and disruption poor mental health causes for a company.


Personal Pain

I’ve also suffered with work-related stress and career burnout myself and know how to hide it well from work colleagues.

I get how it feels and how it seeps into every area of your life.

So, I bring these experiences from both sides of the fence and deliver something a bit different.

Corporate Wellbeing is becoming a business essential – is it yours?