Work With Me – For Individuals

I offer personal one-to-one wellbeing coaching, for individual impartial help and support.

It could be just what you need right now:

  • A safe space and focused time just on YOU
  • Guidance to help you get absolutely clear on what it is you really want and why
  • Discover what might be holding you back
  • A time to explore options and work out a plan to achieve what you want
  • Accountability and effective results.


At certain times in your life, you may feel super confident of what you are doing and the direction you’re taking.

And then there are those other times…when you question the path you’re on or you feel stuck jn a rut. Or you have this big life goal that you’re just not moving forward with and you can’t fathom out why.


…waking up full of vitality ready to get going and excited about your work and life. 

At certain stages along the way we ALL need a good Coach.

Complimentary Clarity Call

I offer a free 30 minutes clarity call, via telephone or video, for you to gain some valuable clarity around your life right now and to experience how I work as a Wellbeing Coach.

To confirm your appointment time, you’ll be sent a short questionnaire to complete prior to your clarity call.

It’s all confidential between you and I.  It’s a time for you to step out of everything for half an hour and take stock of your life.  

After the call, there is no obligation to go further with my coaching, however, if you do wish to, our coaching sessions would be held via telephone or video call for 1 hour each session as a package of x4 sessions.  For more information click here.

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